The escape with the bulldozer - a day in the GDR (ZDF, 2023)

Aladin and Ali Baba - Stories from the Arabian Nights? (ARTE, 2023)

Bavarian ghost stories (BR, 2022)

Forgotten Border awarded Wold Media Award in Gold, Special Award at XIV Festival Filmowy NNW, nominated for German-French Journalism Award, (ARD, BR, CTV, ARTE, ORF, Autentiv, 2022)

Pretty Best Neighbors – France/ Switzerland/ Netherlands (ZDF, 2022)

1806 – Nuremberg Saga, awarded bronze at the New York Festivals (TV series, BR, 2021)

Quite Normal Men (ZDF, 2021)

NENA: A German Legend (ZDF, 2020)

Neuschwanstein Castle;awarded the World Media Award Gold (ARD, 2019)

The Boat:The Documentary;Hunted (ZDF, 2019)

The Boat:The Documentary; Hunters (ZDF, 2019)

Steffi Graf. A German World Star; ZDF History: (ZDF, 2019)

Pretty Best Neighbors – We and the Russians/ We and the Italians/ We and the British,awarded the World Media Award in Gold (ZDF,2018)

Atatürk – Father of Modern Turkey (ARTE, 2018)

Deutschlands große Clans – Die Otto-Versand-Story – Die VW-Story – Die Persil-Story (ZDF, 2018)

Deutschlands große Clans – Die Leibniz Story – Die Adidas Story – Die Lidl Story (ZDF, 2017)

Zarensturz – Das Ende der Romanows (ZDF, 2017)

Royal Dynasties – The Glücksburger, The Coburger and House of Orange (ZDF, 2017)

The Myth of Frankenstein - Terra X (ZDF, 2017)

Downfall of the Tsar – The End oft he Romanovs (ZDF, 2017)

Royal Dynasties - The Bernadottes, The Welfs Reenactments (ZDF, 2016)

Royal Dynasties - The Grimaldis (ZDF, 2016)

The Kaiser's Pirates The Wolf (ZDF, ZDF Enterprises 2015)

Royal Dynasties – The Bourbons, The Welfs Reenactments

Royal Dynasties – The Ottomans (ZDF, 2015)

Mit dem Mut der Verzweiflung – 70 Jahre nach Auschwitz (90 Min. ZDF, 2015)

Unter dem Hammer der Nazis – Die geheimen Akten des Adolf W. (BR, ARTE, Telepool 2014)

Hitler’s Mega Airplane (ZDF, ZDFE, 2014)

Sisi – The Beautiful Empress (ZDF, 2014)

Royal Dynasties - The Hohenzollern  Reenactments

Royal Dynasties - The Habsburgs (ZDF, 2014)

100 Years First World War Reenactments

netzclub - Flatman Commercial (2013)

Secrets of the Second World War Reenactments for The Secrets of U513 (ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, National Geographic 2012)

Race to the South Pole - Amundsen versus Scott Documentary Drama, nominated for Banff World Media Festival, nominated for International Emmy

Race to the South Pole - Germany versus Austria awarded with the Golden Romy, nominated for the German Television Award (ZDF, ORF 2011)

Busting the Berlin Wall + Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall awarded with the History Makers Award 2010 – Best History Production , Goldmedal - New York Festivals and The Japan Prize (ZDF, ZDF-Enterprises, HISTORY, RAI, SBS Australia 2009)

Escape to freedom (ZDF 2009)

Stauffenberg – The True Story (ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, 2008/09)

The Miracle of Mogadishou (ZDF, 2007), (nominated for best documentary at the Shanghai TV Festival)

Leni Riefenstahl – Hitler’s Useful Idols, (ZDF, 2006)

Verdun – Descent Into Hell awarded with the Japan Prize

Fritz Wunderlich – Leben und Legende (BR, SWR, ARTE, ORF, SF, Deutsche Grammophon, Unitel, 2006)

Family Hitler (ZDF 2005), nominated for International Emmy, category: Best Research

Soraya and the Shah (ZDF 2005)

Hitler‘s Manager - Wernher von Braun (ZDF 2004)

The Hell of Monte Cassino (ZDF 2004)

They Wanted to Kill Hitler (ZDF 2004)

Ghosts - Dimension PSI (ARD 2003)

Stalin - Warlord (ZDF 2003) US International Film and Video Festival – Gold Camera Award

The Secret of U-166 (ZDF 2002)

Decisive Battle at Moscow 1941 (ZDF 2002)

Silently at the Limit (n-tv 2001)

Hitler‘s Women – Eva Braun (ZDF 2001)


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